Rough Sourcing

Today the ethical sourcing of diamonds is a major concern for retailers and consumers worldwide.

mining diamondsWaldman’s close connections with mine owners on several continents enable us to guarantee the source of all the rough diamonds we buy and gives us a competitive advantage with a continuous supply of the world’s favorite commodity. We provide the optimum bridge between the mining community and diamond suppliers, jewelry designers and retailers.

WDC Rough Sourcing History

  • 1996 – 2006      South Africa (various sources)
  • 2003 – 2005      Aber Winston
  • 2003 – 2011      Rio Tinto
  • 2005 –              BHP per customer needs

Waldman Diamond enables rough and polished suppliers to reach large and diverse markets throughout the world, using local market intelligence to ensure that the right products are offered to each market. Our broad reach, supplying over 6,000 retail doors worldwide, enables WDC to sell through all of our product in a consistent and timely fashion.

WDC continually buys Canadian and non-Canadian rough according to our projected polished sales, and to maintain levels of inventory in our worldwide offices.  WDC’s rough sourcing arm is Waldman Diamond Resources Ltd, which in 2004 secured exclusive marketing rights to the Magna Egoli mine in Sierra Leone.  Through WD Resources, WDC is open to new rough sourcing opportunities and is specifically interested in new off-take agreements and marketing agreements with both kimberlite and alluvial mining companies who share our ethical values.

Please contact us to discuss any relevant proposals.