Polished Diamonds

Special Cuts

The Waldman diamond portfolio contains a wide selection and deep assortments of Certified Ideal Cuts, AGS Triple O, GIA Triple EX EX EX, EGL Ideal Cuts, Princess EX EX EX, Certified Mine of Origin and Arctic Love stones. We have also created an enviable range of unique branded diamonds, loose and mounted, and various proprietary cuts.

Our painstaking research on the ‘Ideal Cut’ of a Cushion Brilliant Diamond has earned us GIA certification for perfecting the cut and shape of the world’s most elusive category of diamonds. Our Cushion Brilliant Diamonds have eight pavilion mains that reach the girdle, just as in round brilliant cuts – they possess precise crown and pavilion angles along with a faceted girdle. Because of their meticulous faceting and angle arrangement, our Cushion Brilliant Diamonds are in great demand for private labeling, and are widely marketed as couture brands.

To ensure consistent international supply, we carry a large inventory of premium cut certified diamonds (round & fancy shapes) in most qualities and sizes, from 0.30 carats to 5 carats, plus Premium Cut Bluff (SI3) stones sized from 1 to 5 carats. We also have a significant and growing inventory of true Cushion Brilliants from 0.70cts. to 2.00 cts.