Polished Diamonds

Polished Diamonds

The WDC Group was built on the experience of generations of expert diamond cutters. All our diamonds are cut to exacting standards by highly skilled artisans using the latest technology. Our Mine of Origin stones from the Diavik Mine are also laser-engraved for authenticity and each diamond is registered using ‘Gemex’ technology. Our flexible manufacturing capacity enables us to offer unique and specific cuts on request.

The Waldman Diamond Company has listed its inventory on the internet since 1999. We give jewelers, wholesalers and retailers round-the-clock access to our online diamond inventory, so that they can search and make purchases from our entire inventory at their convenience. Click here to register for or log into the WDC Diamond Database

WDC sales offices around the world provide a reliable consistent supply of the goods that our customers require. We ensure this supply by maintaining deep inventory assortments of specific GIA and AGS certified goods from 0.5ct to 3ct weight, colors D to N and clarity VVS through I1.  Our Global Reach also facilitates the efficient provision of other goods according to each customer’s needs.

Product Range

Core Products: Rounds certified and non-certified – GIA, AGS, EGL certificates~
Fancy Cuts: Princess, cushions and all cuts of square shapes
Product Brands: Hearts for Eternity™; Reflexions™; Legendary Love; Astellion (proprietary diamond cut); Arctic Love™ (Diamonds of Canadian origin)

Products & Services

Wide selection and deep assortments of:
• Certified Ideal Cuts
• AGS Triple O
• GIA Triple EX EX EX
• EGL Ideal Cuts
• Princess EX EX EX
• Certified Mine of Origin
• Certified Arctic Love
• On-line real-time inventories available to registered customers
• Programmed collections of jewelry for chain retailers
• Branded products (loose and mounted), with in-store training and extensive marketing support
• Full range of advanced customer services and support