Waldman Diamond Investments

Waldman Diamond Investments (WDI) provides an efficient and cost-effective service to private investors seeking to add polished diamonds to their asset portfolio.

Why Invest in Diamonds?

We don’t need to tell you that portable commodities are an excellent investment option in today’s market. Diamond retailers typically add between 20-50% mark-up to cover their marketing costs, but WDI diamonds are priced at their underlying investment value. We offer only GIA-certified investment-grade diamonds and we have created an Investment Diamond Exchange where diamonds can be bought and sold with complete transparency. This open internet portal enables you to select diamonds for investment, and we offer you advice and support from Waldman’s expert gemologists. WDI also provides insurance, shipping and custodial service services to make diamond investments easier and safer.

Why become a Diamond Investment Broker?

WDI pays 3% commission on the value of all diamonds purchased by the clients of our Authorized Diamond Investment Brokers. To find out how to become a broker, email wdi@wdcgroup.com

Why Now?

Until now, it was difficult to invest in individual diamonds. The lack of a public market for diamonds, the complexity of assessing and pricing each stone, the problems of storage and insurance, and the difficulty of resale were barriers to the private investor. The Waldman Diamond Company has removed these barriers to investment by setting up the Investment Diamond Exchange. Find out more about the state of the market for investment diamonds and investing in diamonds on this website, or contact wdi@wdcgroup.com