Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions worldwide are invited to partner with the Waldman Diamond Company to offer investment diamonds to their clients. This new class of alternative investments is best arranged through an experienced international diamond company with global reach and a broad and deep inventory of investment-grade diamonds.

Waldman’s expert gemologists can advise you on a package of stones whose qualities will fit your client’s investment profile. Through the WDI Investment Diamond Exchange, you and your client can also select from a constantly updated list of certified polished diamonds. You can compare their prices and watch changes in the market when considering whether to increase or realize your investment.

We can also discuss custodial arrangements for your client’s diamonds, creating a potential revenue stream for your institution, in addition to our standard commission of 3% of the purchase price of our diamonds.

Waldman is currently in discussion with leading banks in Latin America, Russia, China, Austria, the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the UK. To find out more about partnering with us, contact