The WDC Covenant

Our Corporate Values

The Waldman Diamond Group views its role in the diamond industry as more than just cutting and trading diamonds. We adhere to the following values and objectives:

Excellence: To strive constantly to be the world’s preferred diamond supplier to the jewelry industry.

Quality: To consistently provide polished diamonds of the highest quality cut.

Service: To offer the highest level of service to our customers and honor the commitments made to them.

Social Responsibility: To take all possible steps to promote ethical, social and environmental practices, for the long-term benefit of the communities and the environments in which we work.

Integrity: To act with uncompromising honesty and integrity, in accordance with sound moral and ethical principles.

Financial Transparency: To manage our financial affairs with integrity and transparency, to enhance our long-term growth strategy.

Communication: To facilitate open communication channels, internally as well as among suppliers and clients, so as to build trust and strong teamwork.

Personal Development: To create a working environment in which each individual feels valued and can realize his or her full potential.