Founded by Alexander Waldman in 1978, the Waldman Diamond Company has been built ‘stone by stone’. Always at the cutting edge of technology, we uploaded our diamond inventory onto the internet back in 1999, but we have not allowed this technological interface to replace our commitment to personal service for each and every client.

The Waldman name underwrites every stone that we sell. As we expand into new markets, we continue to strive to become the preferred diamond supplier to the jewelry industry.

We have fostered a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and partnership with employees, suppliers and customers alike, based on integrity and dedication. Our vision remains the same – global sourcing and delivery with a personal touch – and we use our technological edge and expertise to create added value for all our stakeholders.

Every diamond that is cut and polished to perfection reflects our commitment to excellence. Every stone that passes along our supply chain encapsulates the integrity and consistency of our company, passed carefully from hand to hand by people who respect each others expertise at every stage of the business. Our passion and enthusiasm continues to drive our business, and we look forward to sharing it with you.